Donnerstag, 18.07.2019

#Daily Mindest
So you never know who you touch. You never know how or when you’ll have an impact, or how important your example can be to someone else. – Denzel Washington

For Time:
30 Clean and Jerks (60/42.5kg)
1 Mile Run
10 Rope Climbs
1 Mile Run
100 Burpees

*Singles on clean and jerks from the beginning

*Find a smooth pace on the runs that allow you to hammer the inside work

*Chip away at the single rope climbs
*Take a short break between each, jumping up when you are ready
*Good reps are better than fast reps

*This is one of the more time consuming stations, especially as it comes at the end of the workout
*Play a game with yourself on the burpees and find a way to keep moving:
*Move a chip after every 10 reps
*Face another direction after every 10 reps
*Use the clock and try to maintain a certain number on the minute

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