Mittwoch, 16.12.20

Daily Mindset
First, understand who you are. Second, understand your strengths. Third, determine how best to use these strengths. Fourth, discover your spirit within.Fifth, behave in ways that exemplify your Self. And, sixth, strive to make this world a better place.
Michael P. McNally

Skill Overview
Kipping Pull Up
Double Unders

Basic Strength Overview
EMOM 6 Min
1. Chin over Bar hold 3 sec + 3 sec slow descent + 3 Jumping Pull Up
2. Hollow hold x 20-30 sec

WOD Overview
7 Rounds for Time
7 Pull Up
7 DB Goblet Squat
40 Double Unders
Kilo: 22.5/15
Total Time/Cap: 20 Minutes

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